I have a 1929 Model A and I wanted better air flow thru the radiator so I removed the license plate and bracket from the headlight bar. Now the problem was where to relocate it. After trial and error I found that a 1939 to 1941 Ford deluxe front license plate bracket will work just fine. The part number is 91A-5034-B. It will require drilling two ΒΌ inch holes in the right front passenger side bumper bracket. The 1939 to 1941 Ford deluxe license plate bracket has the correct curve to hold the license plate straight with the front bumper. It is also the correct height so the license plate will be parallel to the bumper. Note, I have tried other years of the early V-8 Fords and they do not fit the curve of the bumper bracket and they are not the height needed to place the license plate above the bumper. Please note that the 1939 to 1941 standard license plate bracket also does not fit correctly, so use the deluxe bracket from a passenger car. To read more about how to fit the bracket click License Plate Bracket